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Water – the origin of life and our most basic need.

We all need water to survive. The world’s water resources is very unbalanced – in some places there is an abundance, in other there is a great need. Drought, natural disasters and conflicts often aggravates the situation and can create immediate needs of clean drinking water.
Every minute four people die due to water-related diseases.
In Sweden we have an abundance of crystal clear lakes and rivers with water that could give millions of people a better life. Sweden Water Export is a good initiative to create a balance among the world’s water resources. We can make a difference.

The Sweden Water Export initiative

It was 1903 when the Christensson family began trading and shipping flammable oils. For more than a century now, the family has run a variety of businesses at sea. The managing director of Sweden Water Export has also been involved in aid work in several developing countries.

Shortages of clean water around the world have become so severe that we decided to start Sweden Water Export, with the vision:

'Water for all nations'.

We believe we have what it takes to fulfill that vision. Sweden Water Export have access to everything from clean water resources in almost unlimited quantities, to skilled engineers and contractors who can provide assistance from start to finish.

We are your partner when it comes to delivering clean cold water where it is needed.

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